When Citizens Worry Their Parents Could be Deported

The numbers might surprise you – or not.  According to the American Immigration Council, more than eight million United States citizens live with an undocumented immigrant in their household. Research from a couple of years ago estimates that these numbers include 4.9 million minor children – with at least one parent who does not have legal immigration status. Meanwhile, adult American citizens in similar situations have real fears. They also worry that their parents could be deported.

How does a child become a citizen and not his or her parent? In some cases, an undocumented immigrant comes into the states and is already pregnant. In others, she doesn’t become pregnant until she’s already here. As long as the child is born in the United States, citizenship becomes a matter of birthright.

The Fourteen Amendment of the United States Constitution says it plainly: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside.” Therefore, children born here are citizens and cannot be deported.

However, children’s automatic rights to citizenship don’t give their parents immunity. The term “anchor baby” is actually a myth when it comes to providing undocumented immigrant mothers special passes against deportation.

Once again, there are a number of adult American citizens who fear at least one of their parents could be deported. Some may even be naturalized citizens, meaning they went through a ten-step process to become United States citizens. However, the fact that they are adults doesn’t change concerns that their parents may be forced to leave the country.

Deportation of Parents of US Citizens

What happens with minor children when their parents are picked up and placed in detention centers? Most often, Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) are called in to provide child welfare services. Although there are federal mandates concerning the disruption of parental rights, it’s a little difficult to asset them from behind the walls of a detention center.

There’s no question that a parent’s prospective deportation is the start of a nightmare. Children may feel alone and abandoned. For this reason, securing an immigration bond is of the utmost importance.

An immigration bond essentially buys time with the undocumented immigrant’s children. It allows for release until the deportation hearing. During this time period, the parent(s) may be able to make arrangements for the child’s care. Otherwise, minor children may be placed with foster parents.

Again, the benefit of posting an immigration bond is freedom – even if it is temporary. If deportation is indeed a reality, the parent may want to make arrangements to bring the children back to their country of origin. This is far easier to navigate outside a detention center.

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