What’s an Immigration Detention Center is Really Like

immigration detention center freedom federal bonding agencyWe all have a vague idea of what prison is like — a small, crowded room with bars as doors and windows. But what about an immigration detention center? Is it any different than a jail cell?

In Texas, there are 23 immigration detention centers, making it the state that has the highest amount of detention centers in the U.S. These detention centers house thousands of detainees at any time and not all of these detainees have a criminal record. Like prisons, men and women are separately housed; although there are a few facilities that allow families to stay together.

These detention centers are very similar to a prison: Your personal belongings will be taken away; you will be assigned a bed; and you will be referred to by your alien registration number instead of your name. You will sleep in a large room with several other detainees and your privacy is non-existent. It can be difficult and expensive to make phone calls and your mail will be inspected by staff before you receive it. And staff will be anything but nice to you. In fact, you may have trouble communicating because there may be no translators available.

If you are detained for a period of time, remember to keep your spirits up. Keep your focus on your defense and try to get as much support as you can from loved ones and your attorney.

The problem with detention centers is you have no idea how long you can stay in there. It can take months, even years before your case is heard. This is why it’s essential to obtain an immigration bond for your loved one.

If you or a loved one needs an immigration bond in Houston, Texas, we can help. Contact an immigration bondsman at Freedom Federal Bonding Agency today and get your loved one out of detention today.

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