What Proposed Asylum Limitations Mean for You and Your Family

People immigrate to the United States for a variety of reasons. For those seeking asylum, it is often a matter of life and death. In fact, it may be something you are intimately familiar with – because it’s how you or a family member came here. The fear of persecution takes many forms. It can mean you are afraid of torture or imprisonment. Meanwhile, proposed asylum limitations could change your quest for a safe haven.

Unfortunately, it’s here. In yet another signal of hostility toward the immigrant community, the current Administration is re-valuating the criteria for which refugees qualify for asylum. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is intervening in high-profile court cases that could have a tremendous impact on assessing who can come to the United States seeking asylum.

Among the many ramifications that these reassessments can have is the denial of entry to thousands of individuals and families who fled their violent and tumultuous countries of origin to come to America. Sessions says the effort eliminates fraud and abuse of the asylum petition system.

Predictable Backlash on Asylum Limitations

Immigrant advocacy organizations are understandably outraged over these new directives. They claim that imposing restrictions that are more rigid can prevent those who need genuine help from coming to the United States. Sessions responds with claims that false or frivolous petitions are interfering with the processing of legitimate applications in a timely fashion.

However, that’s not all. The attorney general recently vacated a precedent-setting ruling that said most asylum seekers have a right to a hearing in front of a judge before their claim could be rejected. These rulings could have a far-reaching impact on both the documented and undocumented immigrant communities, and it’s essential that you know how they affect you and your family.

Your Family Could Hang in the Balance

Like most documented and undocumented immigrants, you may have dozens of family members and loved ones who are still battling the adverse conditions of your country of origin. Without question, they may need additional help escaping their dysfunctional situations. If you have family members seeking asylum, these new rules can impact their chances and further prolong the fracturing of your immediate family.

So, what happens? Many, in response to these new and expectedly more rigid restrictions, will ultimately try to get into the country without documentation. This leaves them vulnerable to a more hostile law-and-order climate that has consumed the United States. Day after day, they become worried about arrest leading to confinement in a detention center. It will take a court hearing and am immigration bond to secure release on at least a temporary basis.

In the Event of Detention

If you or a family member is arrested on immigration-related matters, and are facing deportation, contact Freedom Federal Bonding Agency today. We will guide you through the process of obtaining an immigration bond to secure your freedom while you fight deportation. There’s very little that you can do from the detention center. We’re here to help you get the freedom and flexibility to plan your next move.

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