What Does the Latest Supreme Court Ruling Mean to You?

If you aren’t a natural born citizen, there’s a great possibility that you are dismayed by news stories. Not a day goes by that there isn’t something to worry about. That is, with the exception of yesterday. The latest United States Supreme Court ruling did not go as some anticipated. However, for a number of people, it was the first good news in a long time.

When the President first appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch, many were wary. After all, Justice Gorsuch is a conservative and was expected to side with other likeminded justices on the nation’s top court. However, Justice Gorsuch was the deciding vote on a case that rejected parts of a Trump-proposed immigration law as unconstitutional. He joined four of his liberal colleagues in deciding this crucial matter.

The case centered on the deportation of a 25-year legal U.S. resident from the Philippines who was convicted of two burglaries. The Supreme Court upheld a decision made by a lower court. The issue concerns what the Immigration and Nationality Act considers as violent crimes. As you may know, the latter is a reason that even lawful permanent residents may face deportation. The justices found that the definition of a “violent felony” was impermissibly vague.

In rendering its decision, the Supreme Court expressed concern that the vagueness could result in arbitrary deportation or enforcement. This would be in direct conflict with the United States Constitution. In fact, it might even be viewed as discriminatory.

Supreme Court Ruling: A Good Sign for Some

Could this new Supreme Court ruling apply to you or a family member? Of course. For many, it appears that there is a real crackdown on even those in the country as permanent residents. Imagine facing deportation because of a traffic offense? The fear of facing time in a detention center is real.

The decision can have far-reaching implications for the rapid, and some say reckless, shift immigration policy that the Trump administration has been spearheading. This particular case dealt with the rights of United States residents and whether or not they can be deported so easily. In his concurring opinion, Gorsuch said that the United States Constitution looks unkindly on any law so vague that reasonable people cannot understand its terms and judges do not know where to begin in applying it.

That said, that does not necessarily mean that an overzealous police department couldn’t start the reports to ICE and start the deportation process. If this happens to you or a loved one, you should immediately look into an immigration bond. This will enable release from a deportation center until things are sorted out.

What Does This Mean for Undocumented Immigrants?

While the decision deals solely with the rights of lawful United States residents, it also indicates that the highest court in the land may not be in lockstep with an administration that seems to be bent on making life more difficult for undocumented immigrants. However, laws are still laws, and the courts are expected to abide by them.

That said, you and your family need to understand your options and level of risk if you’re arrested on immigration-related charges or any other crimes. This means putting away funds in the case you are picked up and brought to a detention center.

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