Web Tools to Avoid Deportation? Here’s What You Need to Know

One thing is certain. In your quest to find the American dream, the last thing you want to worry about is being forced to leave the country. Of course, the same is true if you have family members living under the radar. If you’re internet savvy, you may even think about looking into web tools to avoid deportation.

Without question, there is a heightened fear of deportation, fueled by increasing adversity faced by undocumented immigrants. You could already be facing hefty legal fees that you just can’t afford. No doubt the issue is even more frustrating if you’re picked up and confined to a detention center.

As far as priorities, the first thing to do is find at least a temporary means of gaining your release from detention. For this, you will need to make sure that you obtain an immigration bond as allowable under the law.

Some Information on Web Tools

In some cases, you might think it’s a good idea to save money by using web-based tools to apply for a green card and ultimately citizenship. There is an increasingly significant cottage industry of tech companies offering help to undocumented immigrants who want to apply for legal status. There has been an exceptionally large uptick in these services in the wake of President Trump’s cancellation of DACA, as many dreamers find themselves facing an uncertain future.

How Do These Tools Work?

Applicants must first make sure they are eligible for a green card. Rather than spending money on retaining an experienced immigration attorney, some undocumented immigrants are relying on tools like Borderwise to help them navigate the process.

Other internet resources include Clearpath and Citizenshipworks. Additionally, the Immigration Advocates Network has developed a service called Immi, which screens immigrants through an online survey in order to inform them about options for staying legally in the US. All of these resources claim to offer an affordable alternative to going at it alone.

Attempting to stay in the country without legal representation is one thing. Many undocumented immigrants may like the lower cost of software applications. However, still others feel that the prospect of being deported is priceless.

Are These Tools Right for You?

While they may seem like viable alternatives to the traditional process, these web-based immigration tools only provide limited assistance with the application process and don’t offer legal advice from licensed attorneys.

While hiring an immigration attorney may be cost prohibitive, it may be necessary even if you’ve gotten the ball rolling on your application with these tools. In the simplest of cases, these tools might work perfectly, but in more complicated situations.

And, then, there’s the obvious. The software isn’t going to pull together your defenses if you have already been picked up by ICE. Additionally, none of these software programs are going to arrange your immigration bond.

Invest in Your Freedom

You can’t search for any of these resources from a detention center. In fact, based on most circumstances, the software may prove worthless.

The most important thing in cases of deportation is making sure you have the financial resources to post bond so you can create a game plan if you’re going to be removed from the country. While bond is not guaranteed, it’s critical that you have the option, particularly if you have a family to consider. Don’t get blindsided by immigration arrests. Make sure you’re ready to protect yourself and the people you love.

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