Why Undocumented Immigrants Don’t Report Domestic Violence

The numbers might startle you. Every twenty minutes someone is injured as a result of an encounter with an intimate partner. The act of domestic violence may be from a spouse, sister, brother or child. While the numbers continue to rise nationally – there’s an interesting statistic when it comes to undocumented immigrants. For some reason, the police aren’t called to investigate as many domestic violence claims are from those without legal papers.

In case you were wondering, Houston has experienced an upsurge in people crossing the border or staying longer on outdated visas. The increase could easily suggest more intimate partners are at risk for domestic violence. Meanwhile, that’s not the case at all.

The answer to the drop in domestic violence complaints among undocumented immigrants might be apparent to you. A recent news article tells the tale of a local Houston resident. She came to the United States from Mexico more than two decades ago. The woman never became legal – although the man that beats her regularly is an American citizen.

The abuse goes unreported. For sure, the fear of deportation is worse than the abuse. Some might say domestic violence victims choose their poison. The story is not unusual. According to the same news source, the Houston police chief says that domestic violence complaints are down 16 percent in the Hispanic immigrant community.

At some point, it may become unbearable. A woman or man subjected to acts of domestic violence may feel broken. Their abuser may threaten to turn them over to the authorities. Perhaps someone else hears the cries of pain and calls police for assistance.  The problems multiple.

Domestic Violence Victims and Deportation

It’s a sad state of affairs as the tables appear turned. Yes, you know you’ve overstayed your visa. Or, maybe you were able to sneak over the border all those years ago. However, you can easily justify your actions. You were looking for safety and a way to support your family.

You are now in a position where you are not just a domestic violence victim. Your abuser may blurt out that you have no papers. As you hang your head in fear and shame – you feel lost. Ironically, it’s you that is in big trouble. You are put in cuffs and escorted to a detention center.

What should you do now? If you’re fortunate enough to have money stashed away, you should make plans. It could be that you can fight deportation. At the very least, you’ll need time to put your affairs in order.

An immigration bond may literally buy you some time. Once you learn the amount, you will need to find the resources to purchase one. The immigration bond acts as a guarantee that you will show up for court hearings.  In a certain sense, it gives you “in the meantime” preparation days or months.

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