Frightening Truth: Texas Tops List in Deportations

If you’re not an American citizen and living in Texas, you should be concerned. In fact, it is a frightening truth. Last year, Texas topped the list as far as deportations. Each and every day seems to bring a new worry. Seemingly, it’s not just undocumented immigrants with criminal charges that face deportation. Even some with green cards find themselves picked up and placed in a detention center.

Data compiled by Trac Immigration reveals that Texas had the highest number of deportation orders from courts throughout the state in 2017. Not only does the Lone Star State have the highest rates of deportation orders; they have nearly double the percentage of the next highest state of California. Truth be told, a great number of those deported come from the Houston area.

According to the Trac Immigration report, there were 6,444 orders of deportation last year. No doubt many were related to the Trump Administration’s efforts to remove undocumented immigrants from the country. The data is news that may not come as too big of a shock to those who are living the situation every day. Meanwhile, the statistics are merely numbers to demonstrate an impossibly volatile and unpredictable situation.

In Your Own Backyard

The data clearly illustrates that all of Texas is vulnerable to these deportations. Houston actually had the highest number of deportation orders in the state, removing 1,933 undocumented immigrants. While it’s reasonable to assume that Texas, a border state, would have the highest number of deportations, these numbers are shocking to everyone.

Remember when the emphasis was on deporting those who presented a threat to the United States? These days, it’s not just high-level and violent offenders facing detention and removal.

There is a concerted effort to crack down on undocumented immigration. As a result, hard-working and otherwise law-abiding people are being targeted, many of whom have been here for decades and have built a life for themselves.

Deportation Could be Your Reality

The increased rate of detention and deportation in Houston and throughout Texas has many residents and their families wondering whether or not they will be next. For starters, ICE has stated unequivocally that their raids on workplaces that employ undocumented immigrants will continue. If you work in an industry that historically hires people without papers, hiding in a back room will not be enough.

All things considered, it’s critical that you and your family have a game plan for if and when you get detained. It may be all you can do to make sure your family is safe in the event of your removal. At the very least, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your loved ones are safe and protected. As high as these numbers were last year, they’re only going to get higher in 2018.

Meanwhile, there’s a chance that you or a family member has already been detained. One of the first things you need to do is secure temporary release. Once an immigration bond is set, you need to find a way to get back with your loved ones. Although you may only buy time until a hearing, an immigration bond gives you moments you may never find again.

Secure Your Freedom Now

When all is said and done, it works a couple of ways. If it’s you that has been detained, it is nearly impossible to make sure your loved ones are protected while you’re sitting in a holding center. Of course, if one of your close family members is subject to deportation, you’ll also want to secure their release.

Freedom Federal Bonding Agency offers the affordable and convenient immigration bonds you need to regroup and strategize while you’re fighting permanent deportation. We can also help you gain the freedom to mobilize your resources and organize your affairs in the event that deportation is inevitable. Contact Freedom Federal Bonding Agency today.

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