What Happens When Someone Skips Out on Immigration Bail?

You had good intentions when you did it. You posted an immigration bond for your sister’s friend and now the woman is nowhere to be found. So, what happens when someone skips out on immigration bail?

First, don’t beat yourself up. After all, you could be concerned that the same thing could happen to one of your family members. Perhaps someone you know has successfully lived under the immigration radar for years. Without question, there are tons of reasons you might find it acceptable to help out your sister friend. However, you do need to know the consequences of what her seemed disappearance means to you.

Immigration Bail and Failure to Appear

More than likely you already know that there are a few reasons someone might need an immigration bond posted. In a previous article, we also mentioned that some legal residents can be picked up and be subjected to deportation. As a reminder, here are some other cases that may qualify for the temporary release of someone from immigration detention:

  • Voluntary Departure Bond: For this type of bond, the undocumented immigrant has already agreed to leave the states by a specified date. However, he or she thinks about it and decides it is better to just hide from the authorities. Typically, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would submit a form verifying the departure. Of course, if there is no verification of departure, there will be problems.
  • Immigration Bonds: The purpose of a regular immigration bond is to ensure that the foreign national shows up for all court hearings. Basically, an immigration bond serves as a guarantee. When a foreign national out on immigration bond fails to show up for scheduled hearings, it will create problems for all involved parties.

Immigration Bond Default

The bottom line is that a failure to appear as scheduled creates a default situation. As you may know, if you take out a bond on someone else’s behalf, you are referred to as the obligor. (For the record, only someone with legal status and of legal age can take out an immigration bond.)

You may already understand what it means to default on a loan. Essentially, it’s the same thing when someone skips out on immigration bail and fails to appear or exit the country as scheduled.

First, you will find yourself responsible for the bail amount. Since you likely put up some collateral, that will be ceased or a lien placed on it. To put it simply, you will feel like nice guys finish last.

In the meantime, the person who skipped bail will find that the bond has been revoked. When they are ultimately returned to custody, the court may not be inclined to rethink setting an immigration bond.

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