Are Sanctuary Cities at Risk? Should You Be Concerned?

No doubt you already know that Houston is one of the largest sanctuary cities in the nation. Frankly, it may even be the reason you’ve decided to move here. If you’re like millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States, you may feel a little more than frightened and confused. After all, it’s as if you’re always on edge worrying about what the future may hold for you and your family.

In a time in which law and policy seem to vary from state to state, it’s hard to know where you stand. Many are living in fear that, in this increasingly anti-immigrant political climate, they could end up being picked and deported at any moment.

According to local news reports, the Houston mayor is grateful that the courts have temporarily blocked portions of a new Texas law. Essentially, the law would have allowed police to routinely check on immigration status. This would mean more and more undocumented immigrants could wind up in a detention center.

Managing fears of Deportation from Sanctuary Cities

There is little question that the balance of power and the perception toward undocumented immigration is shifting to a less friendly position for those without legal status. Even so-called “sanctuary cities” that were once thought to be a haven for hard-working immigrants appear to be vulnerable to these new deportation efforts. In fact. ICE now seems to be targeting them. While these sweeps were ordinarily reserved for those with serious criminal records, authorities appear to have expanded their scope.

If you are detained as a result of the change in procedure, you’ll feel lost. Perhaps you did everything to keep under the radar. Notwithstanding, you need to make plans for what comes next. In best case scenarios, you may find that an immigration bond is the first step to what you need to do.

Could You be at Risk?

Last week, immigration officials arrested hundreds of undocumented immigrants in what was once regarded as relatively safe sanctuary cities, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, New York and more. The unfortunate reality is that the city in which you live can very well be next to experience these crackdowns.

Once again, when you find yourself detained on an immigration charge, you immediately find yourself in crisis mode. Your first instinct is to scramble to find out what you have to do to protect your family. The reality is that this may be difficult from the detention center. That’s why you need to make sure you can post bond to make the necessary arrangements, regardless of the outcome. An immigration bond will give you some time to arrange your affairs pending your hearing.

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