Sanctuary Cities Revisited: What You Should Know

For many undocumented immigrants, sanctuary cities offer some protection. Nevertheless, they may also provide a false sense of security. In fact, just a couple of months ago the news reported the arrest of almost 500 illegal immigrants in raids conducted in sanctuary cities. This could be the expedited route to their deportation.

As you most likely know, Houston is one of the largest sanctuary cities in the nation. Therefore, it makes sense that local undocumented immigrants monitor the status of court rulings. For them, there is seemingly good news. Will the city provide some sort of shelter?

This past week, the nation saw a second federal judge strike down an order from the Trump administration that would deny federal funding for so-called “sanctuary cities.” The measure from the Trump administration was meant to squeeze these cities into further cooperation with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to apprehend undocumented immigrants.

The ruling represents a significant setback to the administration’s attempts to clamp down on cities, counties, and states that seek to protect undocumented immigrants who come in contact with local law enforcement from deportation by federal authorities. However, it does not mean that those without papers can breathe easy.

Backlash Is Still Imminent to Sanctuary Cities

The Trump Administration has already made moves toward appealing this ruling, while the Justice Department has announced plans to “vindicate the President’s lawful authority to direct the executive branch.” Actually, they contend that the lower court exceeded its judicial authority. We can expect a full-blown legal battle over the rights of undocumented immigrants that will bring the entire country into a frenzy.

Meanwhile, you could find yourself and your family in the cross-hairs. While the decision by the lower court is a small victory, undocumented immigrants still need to prepare themselves for any backlash that may be heading their way in the next few months.

The obvious goal is to escape deportation. All things considered, this means staying under the radar. This can be perilous in many senses. However, you also need to be prepared in case you are picked up and escorted to a detention center. Your first thought should be on finding immigration bail to secure your “in the meantime” release from confinement.

What Can You Do?

Action starts with engaging yourself in current events and forming a game plan for survival. If you have children that were born in the United States, there’s a very real possibility that your family could face fragmentation if you’re picked up on immigration charges. Making sure you understand the current national policy and acquainting yourself with current developments helps to better inform your course of action. It also makes sense to seek the services of an immigration attorney or advocacy group in your area. The Houston area has many organizations that help undocumented immigrants in their fight to avoid deportation and removal.

In the Event of Arrest

It’s critical that you have cash reserves on hand to post an immigration bond if it’s available. It’s also vital that you have a flexible and affordable resource to help you post it. Freedom Federal Bonding Agency has been assisting undocumented immigrants to get a little extra time to figure out their next move for years.

Nobody really knows what changes are coming to immigration law, but we can help you have short-term peace of mind while you take care of your family. Contact us today if you or a loved one have been arrested on an immigration charge.

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