New National Security Policy: What You Need to Know

Like many undocumented immigrants, you came to this country with great hopes. For many years, you got away with working long hours for little money. Yet, your living conditions are suddenly better than in your native land. Not a day goes back that you don’t worry. With the current administration just announcing their new national security policy, your fears have become even more tangible. You can’t imagine being deported. For that matter, even the thought of going to a detention center scares you.

Unfortunately, your growing concerns are entirely valid. It’s no secret that some of the rhetoric that has come out of the current White House has been pointedly hostile toward undocumented immigrants. More than likely, you agree with many of the criticisms offered by immigration advocacy groups and minority communities.

Now, the words that seemingly target those without papers are now codified into genuine policy via the new national security strategy. However, it isn’t the first time that you’re hearing that this administration is not exactly pro-immigration. So what does this mean for you and your family if you’re undocumented?

A New Level of Urgency

As you know, previous critics of undocumented immigrants have pointed largely to the economic and even cultural implications they believe are associated with immigration issues. Notwithstanding, this new plan raises the level of alarm by characterizing it as a bona fide national security concern. The results could be terrifying.

For starters, this could mean that authorities will feel more empowered to deport quickly. Additionally, local law enforcement will be compelled to work with ICE to detain and remove undocumented immigrants.

In some cases, this may entail arrests for victimless and lower level offenses. Amazingly, even the conservative-leaning CATO Institute says the impact of illegal immigration is massively overstated in the report accompanying the new strategy. However, what you personally care about are likely the consequences for you and your family.

What Can You Expect?

In a political climate marked by escalating tension toward elected leaders and immigrant communities, the everyday impact will likely be most immediately felt by hardworking individuals and their families. Truth be told, it could be someone just like you who feels the brunt of it all.

It’s entirely possible that understanding and cooperation from local law enforcement with immigrant advocates will cease. Consequently, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the removal process for a busted taillight. The winds are shifting faster than ever toward a zero-tolerance policy on undocumented immigrants, and you have to make sure that you and the people you care about are protected from, or at least prepared for, removal.

At the very least, you need to make sure you have a system set up in case you or a loved one are picked up and placed in a detention center. An immigration bond is a valuable resource in any case. It may be your means to spending time with family in the case deportation is unavoidable.

Let Freedom Help You Form a Game Plan

No doubt you can already anticipate the difficulties. To begin with, it’s hard to arrange for the safety and security of your loved ones from a detention center. Part of forming a plan in the event of arrest is making sure you have the financial means in place to secure your freedom.

Freedom Federal Bonding Agency offers immigration bonds to those who are facing deportation proceedings. If you’ve been arrested and detained, contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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