What Should You Do When Your Loved One is Detained?

It’s something you might not want to think about at all. Yet, there are all kinds of reasons that noncitizens can be placed on immigration hold. Do you know what to do if your loved one is detained?

More than likely, you have already read the news reports. The fact that the current administration is cracking down on immigration would appear to be the impetus for the construction of a new $110 million immigration detention center right outside of Houston.

In the meantime, your loved one may have already been picked up. It could be that they’re being held at the Houston Contract Detention Facility. Unfortunately, there’s always the chance that you can’t find them in the system.

We’ve put together some brief guidelines that should help when your loved one is a noncitizen, and you can’t find them or know they are on an immigration hold. In case you can’t guess, this information has been assembled based on our extensive experience in securing immigration bonds.

  • Locate your loved one: Before you can even consider posting an immigration bond, you have to determine if he or she is detained in an ICE facility. When it comes to local detention centers, the Houston Contract Detention Facility is one possibility. However, you could find that your loved one is actually in holding at the Joe Corley Detention Facility in Conroe.
    If you’re not sure how to look for a potential detainee, Freedom Federal Bonding Agency can help. At the very least, we will need basic information like your loved one’s name, date of birth, and country of origin. Meanwhile, here’s the online link to help you try to find a detainee.
  • Gather Information: Once you have located your loved one, you need to find out the details. Why are they being held? Have they secured a lawyer to discuss their situation? Have they already appeared in court? Has a bond amount been set?
  • Post an Immigration Bond: In many cases, the court will allow noncitizens to post bail pending a hearing or an agreement for voluntary departure. An immigration bond is different than other types of bail allowable for criminal charges. When you look into posting an immigration bond, make sure you have chosen to work with an agency with specific experience in the immigration bonds process.

It goes without saying that immigration detention can be a trying experience for all parties. It’s not only the person on hold nervous and scared. Obviously, there’s a tremendous burden on the family.

Need Help?

At Freedom Federal Bonding Agency, we help noncitizens achieve release from immigration detention. Our staff is understanding, efficient and non-judgmental. If you need assistance in obtaining an immigration bond, we are happy to serve you. Contact us.

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