Indefinite Detention? Should You be Worried?

If you’re like many undocumented immigrants, you may be afraid to even look at the news. Actually, the same may be true if you have a green card or are protected under DACA. All things considered, you are not alone in your fears. Now, you even have to be worried about the prospect of indefinite detention.

In yet another blow to the immigration community, the United States Supreme Court ruled that immigrants can be held indefinitely while they await legal proceedings for deportation. Amazingly, the court’s decision applies to both legal and illegal immigrants.

Non-citizens held in detention centers have many concerns. Among them is procuring an immigration bond to secure their temporary release until a deportation hearing. The new court ruling may limit the ability of certain immigrants to immigration bonds.

To sum it up, the Supreme Court has curbed the ability of individual immigrants held in long-term detention during deportation proceedings. No doubt this is all part of the current administration’s get-tough approach toward immigration. The ruling was a 5-3 majority for the conservative justices and could mean significant trouble for those trying to fight removal for the country. It could lead to indefinite detention even for those with legal status who are targets of the government and law enforcement.

Support Is Still Out There

Dissenting Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer lamented the court’s ruling and said that forbidding bail may be a violation of the United States Constitution’s due process guarantee. He cited the Declaration of Independence’s language about ‘certain unalienable rights’ in his dissenting opinion.

Meanwhile, immigration advocates have pledged to keep fighting for immigrants’ rights and lobby for their fair and equitable treatment under the law. Before this landmark ruling, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on the status of immigrants held in custody. The lower court ruled that those in detention center should be offered bond hearing every six months. The only caveat was that those detained could not be considered a flight risk or a danger to national security.

What Does This Mean for You and Your Family?

While, on its face, the ruling may seem like a critical blow to the immigration movement, it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to know that just because courts can hold immigrants without bails doesn’t mean they will. The ruling was ostensibly to avoid a backlog in the bail hearings. Notwithstanding, it’s doubtful that local and federal courts want a similar delay in their prisons and detention centers.

When it comes down to it, it’s still critical that you remain as diligent as ever in forming a game plan for your family in the event of an arrest of deportation proceedings. These new laws have made it more dangerous than ever.

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