Immigration-Related Arrests Up in Harris County

It’s something you might already know. More people live in Harris County than any other Texas county. Truth be told, Harris County is the third most populated county in the whole United States. Its inhabitants come from many places, including those who are in the country illegally. The latter is viewed as a problem for some – and it all shows in the numbers. Immigration-related arrests are up in Harris County. And, not just by a little.

According to a recent news article, ICE continues to detain more and more undocumented immigrants since Donald Trump became President of the United States. In fact, the Migration Policy Institute released a report that shows that arrests increased 60% from one year to the next.

Ironically, the increase in arrests occurred before the passing of SB 4. This means that law enforcement authorities in Houston and other communities had already become aggressive in going after undocumented immigrants. (Some call SB 4 the law that allows police to demand that people arbitrarily produce proof of their right to be in the United States.)

Immigration Arrests: The Fear of Deportation

Most undocumented immigrants will admit their fear of deportation. Many justify their reasons for taking the chance to come to the United States without papers. For some, there are worries about finding money to support their families. Others leave their native homelands because they are afraid of conditions.

At the end of last year, research showed that more than half of the federal arrests in the United States were related to immigration charges. This does not necessarily mean that the detainees had other types of criminal charges. For a long time, always those accused of felony crimes were the target of immigration arrests. Now, anyone without the right passport or visa can find themselves in a detention center.

It’s bad enough to consider the issue of deportation. After all, you may be concerned for your survival – as well as your family’s wellbeing. However, the first step might be to worry about confinement to a detention center.

Detention Centers

Without a doubt, no one wants to go to a detention center. First and foremost, it is the same as going to jail. If you’ve overstayed your visa and done nothing else, you most certainly don’t feel like a criminal. You may understandably feel scared.

There is also the issue that you are away from your loved ones. Your chances of making money and fighting deportation are thwarted during your confinement. Your best bet is to see if the court will let you out on an immigration bail bond.

An immigration bond enables you to leave the detention center until your court hearing. The amount is set based on a number of factors. Among them, is whether you are accused of other crimes or are considered a flight risk.

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