The Immigration Bond Process: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been detained for immigration reasons, you are going through a number of emotions. As far as you’re concerned, the best thing you can do for you and your family is ensuring you are out of confinement right away. Someone may mention that you will need an immigration bond, but that doesn’t mean you know the process.

It’s more than understandable why you want out of the detention center. First, there truly is no place like home. Next, it’s always easier to make the appropriate arrangements to defend yourself in court once you’re on the outside. Depending on your situation, you might also be worried about worst case scenarios. Naturally, you’ll want to figure out a safe place for your children and family.

The bottom line is that you may feel entirely helpless as you wait to hear about your prospects of staying in the country. Meanwhile, with the assistance of a professional bonds agency, you can secure your freedom while you fight deportation.

Immigration Bond Requirements

To begin with, there is the issue of when immigration bonds are permissible. The courts do not make arbitrary decisions when it comes to allowing temporary release. Immigration bonds are intended to allow detainees out until their hearing is scheduled. In short, the bond represents a monetary assurance that you or your loved one can be counted on to show up in court.

In order for detainees to be let out on bond until their court appearance, they must fulfill certain requirements. There are two major considerations that top the list. Is the individual detained for immigration reasons a flight risk? Alternatively, are there concerns that the individual could be a danger to the community?

In some circumstances, the court may deny the bond or set it higher than the detainee can afford. What happens next? The detainee can request a hearing in which a judge will determine the feasibility of the immigration bond and set the amount. Those who are considered more of a flight may still be eligible for release. However, the immigration bond will undoubtedly be more costly.

Costs Vary for Each Detainee

Keep in mind that the immigration bond is not set according to set numbers on a chart. Instead, the determination will depend on a variety of factors. They are broken down as follows:

  • Criminal History
  • Potential Danger to the Community
  • Flight Risk Assessment

At any rate, the minimum amount for an immigration bond can start at $1,500. Notwithstanding, some immigration bond amounts can be more than $10,000. These amounts are for delivery bonds, which is issued as an assurance that the undocumented immigrant will be present at all scheduled hearings.

What about departure bonds? In most cases, the minimum amount is typically $500. Departure bonds are used to ensure that the illegal immigrant will leave the country on their own within a specified time period. A departure bond is sometimes referred to as a voluntary bond.

When You Need Immediate Immigration Bail Bonds Assistance

Being detained for immigration reasons is a scary, confusing and adds to uncertain circumstances. Freedom Federal Bonding Agency is ready to help you obtain your freedom while you research your options for a temporary or permanent stay. Contact us today so we can determine how to help you.

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