Am I Eligible for an Immigration Bond?

ICE has arrested and detained you for being in the country illegally. Your hearing is coming up. You’re nervous — the longer you stay in detention, the possibility of losing your job is a foregone conclusion. You need that job to help support your family. But what if the judge doesn’t grant bail? Or worse, you can’t afford bail. How do you know if your eligible for an immigration bond?

Immigration bonds are decided on a case-by-case basis. When deciding if a person is eligible, the judge will take into account the circumstances surrounding the case and the immigrant. Some of the factors the judge uses to determine immigration bond eligibility include:

  • If the immigrant has previously been ordered to deport the country
  • If the person is a flight risk and will evade and future immigration proceedings
  • If the immigrant is a danger to the community at large or a threat to national security
  • If the person has a criminal record that contains certain convictions such as a felony

So in the scenario above, if the defendant has an employment history, has no criminal record or deportation order, and is not flight risk, then chances are bond will be set. However, that doesn’t mean the bail will be set at a lower amount than someone who has, say, a criminal history.

There is a way that the detainee can make a case of immigration bond eligibility. For example, if the defendant shows he/she has a stable work history, hasn’t had any criminal convictions in past few years, a rich family life, and even community service, then this could help with getting a bail amount. It may also be beneficial to hire an immigration attorney who can argue on your behalf.

But be aware, immigration bail is generally very high because of the possibility of flight risk. A bond is your best bet in getting out of detention in this case.

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