Houston: Home to New Child Immigration Detention Center?

The outrage is palpable. Photographs, videos, and audios of undocumented immigrant children are tearing at the heartstrings of many Americans. Regardless of sentiments concerning illegal immigration, many are upset about the idea of children separated from their parents. The latest hits quite close to home. According to news reports, Houston may soon be a city with a child immigration detention center.

In an irony of its own, the child immigration detention center is targeted to open on Emancipation Avenue. One can only shudder at the concept of essentially jailing children as criminals – on a street whose name is associated with freedom.

In case you were wondering, local authorities are displeased with the planned location. Mayor Sylvester Turner shared information stating that the building located at the proposed facility – was initially intended to help the homeless and provide services to the mentally ill. Turner is against the change in plans. In fact, the news has quoted him as saying that he does not support a policy that separates families. He calls it “morally bankrupt.”

Houston Officials on Child Immigration Detention Center

Meanwhile, other Houston officials have indicated that they too are against the policies instituted by the United States government. The city’s police chief finds it “ungodly.”  Harris County Sheriff also is dismayed and says the separating families is an “affront to American values.”

Some argue that those who choose to put their children at risk should be deterred by the prospective consequences. As many undocumented immigrants will easily share – they feel worse off in their countries of national origin.

You may know the story yourself firsthand. Perhaps you followed all the rules and attempted to come here seeking asylum. More than likely, you never expected that the United States would treat you as a criminal. After all, your only crime is looking for a place where you could support your children in a safe environment.

When You are Picked Up on Immigration Charges

So, what happens if it’s you who is picked up on immigration charges? You have a lot of planning to do for you and your family. If you did come over the border, it may be that you were in pursuit of asylum. What do you do next?

Even with a zero-tolerance policy, you are still entitled to a deportation hearing. You’ll want to present reasons that justify your asylum request.  In the meantime, you may be able to post an immigration bond.

When you obtain an immigration bond, you are certifying to the United States government that you will appear for your deportation hearing. This allows you time to prepare for what may come – and make the best accommodations for you and your family.

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