Fearing Deportation? See Why Knowledge is Powerful

Without question, human experiences impact both citizens and those without papers. Like many hard-working Americans, most undocumented immigrants may not have time to monitor a 24-7 news cycle. Most are busy trying to work, take care of their families and build a life for themselves in the United States. However, the fear of deportation is one that makes a huge difference.

In a climate that has become increasingly hostile toward the undocumented population in the United States, it’s crucial that all immigrants do their best to stay informed of what’s happening in the conversation. Things seem to change more and more each day when it comes to the prospect of deportation.

Staying informed and engaged with the issues can help you better protect yourself from the threat of detention or deportation. It can also empower you to get involved and try to help yourself and your loved ones.

A Watershed Moment

It seems like every day that a significant development in the immigration conversation emerges. In the process, it affects the fate of millions. If you feel that you are on a merry go round from the ups and downs, you are not alone. No doubt you’d love to just jump off and not have to worry.

The most recent of these developments is the partisan fight in the Senate to debate the fate of “Dreamers” and figure out the best and most compassionate solution to this issue. A few weeks ago, it looked like lawmakers from both parties were poised and ready to take up the issue. However, now there are disputes as to how to even begin the process.

When it comes to DACA, nothing is certain. No proposal on either side of the aisle seem to have the key number of 60 senators supporting it — the threshold to advance that plan in the Senate if it is ever able to kick off.

Why Knowledge and Engagement Matters

Keeping up to date with developments in the immigration conversation is critical to protecting yourself and your family. To begin with, it allows you to maneuver more freely within your community and understand what to do when you’re facing deportation and detention.

All things considered, it is important to realize that the conversations about immigration you see from the talking heads on CNN and FOX News translate directly to what happens on the streets and in the workplace. Understanding developments within ICE and the current administration can help you better prepare yourself for what’s coming even in the midst of profound uncertainty and questions.

Knowledge is not only power, but it’s also control. And, that also means understanding your options if you or a family member are faced with a stay in a detention center. You’ll need to know how to obtain release. At the very least, you’ll want to know about immigration bonds. Is it possible you can spend some time with your family before deportation?

An immigration bond works to buy you time. Although the setting of the bond is beyond your control, you will be out with your family at least until your hearing date. It goes without saying that time is precious. Ultimately, it may seem like a lifesaver.

Let Freedom Be Your Ally

Should you find yourself facing deportation or detention in Houston, Freedom Federal Bonding Agency will help you secure an affordable and convenient immigration bond so you can plan your strategy and ensure your family is taken care of. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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