What Exactly are the Reasons to Worry about Deportation?

Your parents came into this country with great plans. According to the story you’ve been told, your father entered on a student visa. You were a young child and were brought along to start a better life. Although you’ve been told that the government won’t send you back, you are concerned about the reasons for deportation.

No doubt the prospect of you or your loved one being picked up is scary. On the one hand, you are worried about your parents. They don’t have green cards but have managed to keep under the radar. As far as you’re concerned, you believe you’re safe because of the DREAM Act, which you know stands for the acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors.

However, these days, nothing seems written in stone. You’ve heard deportation nightmares about young people subject to return to their country of national origin. And, with all this controversy about undocumented immigrants, you can’t help but worry.

Deportable Aliens According to the Law

According to federal law, individuals who are subject to removal from the United States are referred to as deportable aliens. A brief synopsis of some of the applicable classes follows:

  • Anyone who receives a visa by misrepresentation, such as marriage fraud
  • Undocumented individuals convicted of crimes of moral turpitude within specified times
  • Anyone without papers who receives a court mandated sentence of at least one year
  • Non-citizens with admission or conviction of aggravated felony
  • Those without American citizenship with convictions as sex offenders who fail to register
  • Any presumed aliens with drug possession or abuse problems
  • Certain firearms offenses could mean deportation for non-citizens
  • Those without United States citizenship convicted of domestic violence or child abuse

These are among the most common reasons that individuals are deported from the United States. It won’t necessarily seem fair. These days, deportation is a real fear to anyone who is not a citizen.

ICE Detention Centers

No matter how long you have been in the United States, you may lack familiarity with ICE Detention Centers. In Texas, prospective detainees are held in twenty-four different locations. Locally, many awaiting deportation hearings are housed at the Houston Contract Detention Facility.

In many cases, it is possible to post an immigration bond to obtain release pending a hearing in Immigration Court. The bail amount will be set at a hearing setting the immigration bail amount.

The only similarity between posting a criminal bond and an immigration bond is that both allow a temporary release from legal confinement. Nonetheless, when a bond is issued, there is an expectation that the individual is not perceived as a flight risk and will show up at the hearing regarding the proposed deportation.

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