Behind the Scenes of the Diversity Lottery Program

Just about everyone knows there are a few ways to get into the states. However, until recently, many had not heard of the Diversity Lottery Program. The program made national headlines yesterday in light of the latest act of terrorism in New York City.

According to news sources, President Donald Trump is blaming the terrorist attack on what he calls soft immigration policies. The alleged terrorist entered the United States legally from Uzbekistan as part of the Diversity Lottery Program. He was given a green card and has been in the country for seven years. President Trump wants a more merit-based system for immigration. Will this affect those already here and concerned about deportation?

Diversity Lottery Program: The Basics

First, you should know the program is actually named the Diversity Immigration Visa (DV) program. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, it allows issuance of 50,000 immigration visas to applicants from select countries. One of the prerequisites of the program is that the immigrants must come from a country named on a list. Soon, the government is reviewing applications for 2019 entry.

The concept behind the DV program is to maintain America as a diverse population. Once an applicant has passed eligibility requirements, his or her registration number is placed in a lottery pool for selection. The applicants must be seeking to emigrate from a country that is on a list showing low admission rates to the United States. Additionally, no one country can receive more than seven percent of the available diversity visas in a particular year.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must not only come from a qualifying country. They must also show proof that they have obtained the equivalent of a high school education. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate they have worked in two of the last five years in particular professions.

There is no indication on the government’s website concerning additional vetting of those chosen for the Diversity Immigration Visa. The latest act of terrorism may bring increased focus.

More Attention To Immigration

Whenever something catastrophic happens, there appears to be an increased focus on immigration policies. Although you or your family may not have come to the states as part of this program, you may be concerned.

For one, there is the issue of green card status. Generally speaking, most think of a green card as a protection against deportation. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. Legal residents can also be in danger of detainment.

Of course, those without legal status may find themselves in worse situations. There is always the fear of being picked up for possible deportation.

Unfortunately, there is always the chance that fears can become realities. Do you have a strategy in place should something happen to you or a loved one?

Planning ahead is essential when it comes to concerns about detainment and possible deportation. If possible, you should speak with an immigration attorney or with one of the local agencies set up to assist those with immigration issues.

Importantly, you should also put aside money to obtain an immigration bond in the event you are escorted to a detention center. This will buy you some time until the deportation hearing.

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