Deportation: You Don’t Need a Criminal Record to Worry

The truth is that you’ve always worried. However, fear of deportation isn’t the only reason you’ve avoided a criminal record. You came to the United States because you just couldn’t feed your family in your country. Although you realized it was a risk, it seemed the only means of survival. You certainly don’t consider yourself a bad person.

For a very long time, it did seem that a criminal record was the quickest route to a detention center. In fact, the current Administration’s official line regarding deportation of undocumented immigrants has always been that they aren’t directly targeting ordinary and otherwise law-abiding individuals and families. Meanwhile, you’ve remained afraid that you could be asked to leave the country where you’ve made your life.

Unfortunately, your worries may be well-founded. Recent data unsurprisingly indicates that moves to detention centers are not just predicated on criminal records. Data gathered and reviewed by the Detroit Free Press reveals that deportations of those without criminal records are up considerably in a couple of states.

The numbers give shape to a culture that many immigrants in the area, undocumented and legal, have been feeling since the administration took over. It is another example of both a hardline stance on the issue and double-speak regarding treatment of ordinary undocumented immigrants.

Deportation by the Numbers

Take for example Michigan and Ohio. From the fiscal year 2016 to the fiscal year 2017, there was a 117 percent increase in the number of deportations of undocumented immigrants with no criminal records, increasing from 725 to 1,570. There was also a 23 percent increase in deportations of immigrants with criminal records and a 56 percent increase in deportations overall of immigrants.

Last year, in Texas, nearly 6,500 individuals were actually deported back to their countries of national origin. Over a third of the detainees were picked up in Houston or spent time in the Joe Corley Detention Center. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is ramping up deportations in communities and businesses all over the country, and leadership says that there’s no sign of letting up.

What this Means for You and Your Family

For the past few decades, undocumented immigrants have been relatively safe in the idea that as long as they live clean lives, work and take care of their families, that they could make a home and a life for themselves here in the United States. Although deportations escalated considerably under President Obama, there was still a feeling of safety and compassion that helped undocumented immigrants feel protected.

The coming of the Trump Administration has upended this sense of safety. This means that, regardless of the life that you’ve built for yourself in the United States and how hard you’ve worked to take care of your family, you’re more in the crosshairs than ever. In case you or a family member are brought to a detention center, you’ll want to investigate how to move forward. For starters, you should determine the possibility of posting an immigration bond.

Call Freedom Federal in the Event of Deportation

The past year has proven that every undocumented immigrant, regardless of age, criminal record or sense of civic engagement, is vulnerable to deportation. If you or someone you care about has been detained on immigration-related issues, contact Freedom Federal Bonding Agency for affordable and convenient immigration bond options. We look forward to helping you or your loved one secure the freedom you need deserve.

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