Had Enough of Changes in Immigration Laws? You are Not Alone

It’s not that misery loves company. However, the fact that immigration laws keep changing can be frightening to anyone who is not a citizen. Truth be told, it can seem like a rather lonely experience. Meanwhile, you might be surprised to learn that at least one person with some very public exposure could share your concerns.

Just yesterday, actor of the upcoming film “Black Panther” Bambadjan Bamba announced his DACA status in an effort to drive awareness to the plight of fellow “Dreamers” all across the United States. Bamba’s family originally came from the Ivory Coast and was concerned about the unstable climate there. At just ten years old, Bamba came to live in the United States.

What does this revelation mean? Without question, Bamba could be putting his career, livelihood and legal freedom in serious jeopardy. You already know that he is not alone. Millions of undocumented immigrants have come to this country and have made something of themselves beyond the wildest dreams of their family and even themselves.

For a long while, the Dreamers have been untouched. As a result, some have become prominent business leaders, while others have achieved every aspect of the American dream. Despite their extraordinary accomplishments, however, they are every bit as vulnerable to deportation as those with more limited resources.

Celebrities seem to have taken on the concept of a Clean DACA Act. On Thanksgiving, many used social media to urge Ivanka Trump to use her influence in working towards citizenship for Dreamers.

An Increasingly Hostile Environment

It’s no secret that the political climate is becoming less and less friendly toward undocumented immigrants from every country. In the meantime, it’s entirely possible that ICE may take a harder line of those who are more successful because they have the means to build a life elsewhere in their country of origin.

Whatever you do for a living, and whatever status you’ve managed to climb to since your arrival in the United States, it’s essential that you start taking measures to protect yourself and your family in these increasingly uncertain times. Everyone is vulnerable to detention, and everyone is at risk for removal.

Devising a Game Plan

If you’re fortunate enough to have enhanced resources, like money or increased access to legal help, it’s time to start making an investment in your defense. After all,  your freedom and your ability to maintain the life you’ve built in the United States is paramount. In fact, even if your funds are limited, you need to have a plan in place.

Are you hiding underground? Do you have a green card? Are you one of the  Dreamers? Sad to say, but any of these circumstances could find you at risk for deportation. Since your first step will be placement in a detention center, you’ll want to do your best to get out until your hearing date. This means ensuring you have the cash reserves in place to launch your defense from a position of advantage. Deportation knows no economic or distinction. However, in the meantime, you should try to store away money to be used for an immigration bond.

More than likely, you have questions concerning how an immigration bond works. For example, you may need to know how much an immigration bond costs. Where is it posted? All of these are questions that an experienced immigration bonding agency can provide you with information.

Call Freedom Federal Bonding Agency Today

The reality is that you can’t fight for your freedom effectively while you’re sitting in a detention center. Freedom Federal Bonding Agency offers affordable, flexible and fair immigration bond solutions to those facing deportation. Contact us today to start fighting back and mounting your defense against deportation.

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