The Bottom Line is a Green Card Doesn’t Stop You from Detention

These are scary times. You might figure that a green card is your ticket to security. After all, it means you are a legal resident. Truth be told, you could still find yourself in a detention center. Worse yet? There’s a chance you could be deported.

More than likely, you already know how hard it was to get a green card in the first place. Under United States immigration laws, you can only qualify for permanent resident status if you fit into select eligibility classifications.  Generally speaking, these include

  • Family-based or marriage-based green cards
  • Employment-based green cards
  • Refugee or asylum green cards

All things considered, filing for a green card can be a difficult process and cause you some concern. Meanwhile, you also had to pass other criteria to ensure your admission into the states.

So, with all that behind you – how is it even possible that you are scheduled for a deportation hearing? You may be here for ten years or thirty years and realize your fate is uncertain. The thought of returning to your country of origin is frightening.

Green Card Holders and Deportation

In some cases, it might seem as though the past has come back to haunt you. Or, it could be a mix-up with paperwork that gets you in trouble. The latter was the case for a father deported back to El Salvador.

According to news reports, the 32-year-old man came to the United States when he was just a teenager. Since El Salvador had been hit with natural disasters, the young father qualified for temporary protective status. Meanwhile, he was unaware that because of a paperwork error, he was no longer protected. He only found out about the mistake when deportation proceedings were initiated.

The father married his high school sweetheart and mother of his two children. He supported them and wanted to make a life for his family in the country where he lived most of his life. Meanwhile, the El Salvadorian native could only apply for a family-based green card if he returned to his country for many years. He was subsequently deported – even though he didn’t come into the United States illegally.

Meanwhile, bad paperwork isn’t the only reason that someone with a green card can be deported. Past criminal records may suddenly surface. There could be claims of marriage fraud. Also, attempting to smuggle another immigrant into the country could mean deportation.

Immigration Bond: A Short-Term Solution

The first step to deportation is confinement to a detention center. There, it is difficult to prepare a defense or make arrangements for your family that could be left behind. However, securing an immigration bond provides a short-term solution.

An immigration bond allows release from the detention center until the deportation hearing. It serves to guarantee your appearance for the hearing – and gives you time to straighten out personal issues. Many benefit from the opportunity to put together a legal defense and spend time with family.

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