America’s Most Anti-Immigrant State: A Remarkable Perspective

Across the country, Texas has a reputation for a number of things. For starters, there’s the legend that “everything’s bigger in Texas.” Hair is bigger. Ranches are bigger. Steaks are bigger. And, that’s just the beginning. These days, Texas is getting a reputation for doing something else big. A recent news article says Texas has another claim to fame. It has been dubbed America’s most anti-immigrant state. One might say its fight against undocumented immigrants is also bigger. But, why?

If you’re a non-citizen, you may not be surprised by this unfortunate designation. After all, Texas has a long history of hostility toward undocumented immigrants. Some blame it on the state’s proximity to the country’s southern borders. Many others feel that’s just an excuse.

Things don’t seem like they are getting better any time soon. A couple of hours away from Houston, this legacy continues through the actions of Travis County’s newest sheriff. Her political platform of sympathy toward Texas’ undocumented population earned her title of her own. In fact, her opponent nicknamed the new sheriff “Sanctuary Sally.”

During her campaign, the new sheriff explicitly stated that she would end cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In the beginning, it appeared as though Travis County’s immigrant community was comparatively safe. Last month, however, Governor Abbot put pressure on law enforcement officials throughout Texas. The execution of Senate Bill 4 is a law that bans local law enforcement agencies from adopting “patterns or practices” as far as cooperation with ICE.

Anti-Immigration Policies Can Affect You

So, Travis County is considered one of the state’s most liberal and progressive regions. Does this mean that things are changing for the worse for Texas’ undocumented immigrants? If you or a loved one is a non-citizen, there’s a good chance that you are concerned. After all, you came to the states for a better opportunity. The last thing you want is to wind up in a detention center with the prospect of deportation.

Shifting political ground has made it virtually impossible for any undocumented immigrant to find a friend or an ally in the local or municipal government. While police may not be happy about having to comply with SB 4, they are bound by law to honor it and cooperate with federal authorities. It’s never been more critical to have a plan in place in the event that you or a loved one is facing deportation.

Taking Proactive Action

So, what can you do? You’ll want to begin by socking away money. If you are picked up by the police, you could find yourself in a detention center. However, if you have set aside the funds for an immigration bond, you can at least hope for a temporary release.

There’s a lot to do when you’re facing removal from the country that will seem impossible from detention. You need to make arrangements to protect your family, regardless of the outcome of the hearing. Once an immigration bond is posted, you will be able to get to work on things that need to be done. Of course, you are expected to show up at the hearing and comply with officials. At the very least, it will give you time with your loved ones.

Start Fighting Back Today

While it may seem like the deck is stacked against undocumented immigrants in Texas, you can still fight back to protect yourself and the people you love. Freedom Federal Bonding Company is prepared to help you take the first step in your legal battle by offering affordable immigration bonds. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you or your loved one facing removal from the country.

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