Texas Immigration Bonds

When Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests someone, it is often a time of fear, uncertainty and stress for the detainee’s family. It is important for an immigration bond agency to act quickly when a person is detained and the family calls for help. At the Houston, Texas, Freedom Federal Bonding Agency, we specialize in providing personal attention to our clients in matters of immigration bonds, taking quick and effective action from the moment we take their immigration bond case. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights and freedom.

At Freedom Federal Bonding Agency, we often receive calls from people whose loved ones were detained earlier that day by either the police or immigration for an immigration violation. There are many reasons that people can be detained. Sometimes they were driving without a license, pulled over by the police for a minor traffic infraction or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. No matter what happened, we can help.

The law says that the person has the right to a hearing with an immigration judge. When you retain us, we can visit your loved one in detention and request a bond hearing with the immigration court. A bond hearing is usually scheduled by the immigration within a week of filing the bond hearing request. At the hearing, the judge will consider the facts, like what ties the person has to the United States. We also file “bond documents” with the court to let the judge know what family the person has in the United States. If the person has lived many years in the United States and has family here, it’s important to let the judge know that.

The result we hope to achieve is reuniting your family. We work hard to have your loved one released from immigration custody on bond. Your loved one will then be able to remain in the United States and be with your family while they go to immigration court, which can sometimes take several years. In addition, if your loved one is eligible to apply for lawful permanent residency, he or she may also obtain a temporary work permit and driver’s license while the case is pending with the immigration court.

Contact Freedom Federal Bonding Agency by calling 832-831-5252 to schedule a free and confidential consultation with our experienced immigration bonding agency. If you need help with your immigration case, we would consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to speak with you about Texas immigration bonds.

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