Worried about What Rescinding DACA Means to You?

If you’re in the Houston area, no doubt the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey already has you concerned.  Meanwhile, if you’re in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, your worries have likely increased. What could rescinding DACA mean to you?

In case you’re not sure, DACA was a program signed into action by the Obama administration.  To sum it up briefly, the program took into account minors who had no fault in their parents’ decision to come to the states without proper paperwork.  Consideration for DACA status was given through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Recent news brought a new announcement.  The Trump administration has ordered that the order be rescinded while Congress comes up with new immigration laws.  In the meantime, there is great concern that Congress may not be able to act under the time constraints.  And, as a result, great uncertainty for young people who were brought to this country by their parents.  For many, America is the only country they know.

Do DACA Participants Face Deportation?

More than likely, one of the greatest fears among DACA participants is the fear that they will be deported to their birthplace.  Some came to the United States as toddlers and are now gainfully employed.  Many have excelled in educational achievements and are living the American dream.

This time last year, there were over 840,000 participants in the DACA program.  Of interest, the Pew Research Center reported that almost double that number could have been considered DACA eligible.  There is no indication of the reason so many failed to submit an application.  Notwithstanding, there is speculation that some still found it better to live under the radar.

Notably, more than half of the approved DACA participants are from Texas or California.

As a sanctuary city, Houston has already battled with state mandates seeking to outlaw local laws concerning immigration status.  According to one news article, a federal judge has temporarily blocked a more aggressive approach to finding undocumented immigrants for possible deportation.

Could this ultimately mean that those shielded by DACA could be in jeopardy?  Hopefully not.  The Administration’s stance is that DACA is illegal, but that it will attempt to take a compassionate approach to deporting people from the only country they have known.

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