How to Remove an ICE Hold

An ICE hold (immigration detainer) occurs when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is under the supervision of The Department of Homeland Security, puts an agency hold on an immigrant in a detention facility or jail. When an inmate who is inadmissible and/or deportable/removable is booked in County Jail for an alleged criminal matter he or she may have an ICE hold.

In most circumstances, the ICE hold may be removed with the help of an experienced immigration lawyer, and the person may be released from custody on an immigration bond. Every individual’s criminal and immigration case is different, so please consult with Freedom Federal Bonding Agency and our experienced immigration attorney for more information.

In other circumstances, when an inmate’s sentence is complete, he or she will be transferred to an immigration detention center, where the process for removal/deportation will begin. Both documented and undocumented immigrants on ICE hold may be held in custody without bond or a scheduled bond hearing for days or even weeks.

To protect a detainee’s rights at Houston Contract Detention Facility (CDF or CCA) – Centro de Detención del Contrato de Houston – or another jail in Texas, it is necessary to hire an immigration lawyer who regularly helps immigrants and their families obtain immigration bonds and prevent removal/deportation.

Freedom Federal Bonding Agency and General Counsel Attorney Erica de Lachica is persistent in protecting immigrants held in immigration jail and other detention facilities. She can help you navigate the proper channels to file a motion for a bond hearing and apply for cancellation of removal for either a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) or a non-permanent resident.

How To Remove An ICE Hold

There are many steps in the process of removing an ICE hold, and each case is different. However, if an inmate is held at a Texas jail on an ICE hold but they have a bond amount set by a judge in a criminal case, ICE only has 48 hours to take custody. If the inmate is not released, Freedom Federal Bonding Agency can file a writ of habeas corpus with the court to grant release from unlawful imprisonment. In other cases, we can work to secure an immigration bond and prevent removal/deportation when immigration jail detainees are eligible.

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