My Loved One Missed His Hearing While On Immigration Bond. Now What?

immigration-bonds-freedom-federalYour cousin had been detained by ICE and was eligible for a bond. You quickly obtained an immigration bond and got your loved one out of detention. The day of his dismissal hearing arrives but your cousin decides not to attend. What will happen next?

This is an all too familiar scenario. Many are afraid about what happens next or will be deported back to their home country. But the truth of the matter is skipping a hearing is far worse than actually attending the hearing.

If your loved one misses an Immigration Court hearing, the judge will order your deportation. Once the order is given, ICE officials will arrest your loved one once found. Your loved one will be put into detention and denied an immigration bond. After a period of time in detention and once the travel documents are ready, your loved one will be deported without giving you another trial. It will happen that quickly. This is why it’s essential to attend every hearing.

If you do miss a hearing, you will need to file a motion to reopen you case and request a stay of deportation. In your motion, you will need to explain the reason why you missed your hearing. But you need to have an excuse and proof as to why you missed your case. For instance, a common cause for missing a court hearing is because you never received the notice in the mail. If you can prove that you never got the notice, then your case will be reopened and you will not be deported.

But, can you receive another immigration bond if you miss your court hearing? Afraid not. Just like any other bail bond, one of the important rules you must follow is not missing a single hearing. Because you missed a hearing, you forfeited the bond and will be expected to pay the entire amount in full.

If you or a loved one is awaiting a hearing while in ICE detention, get them out today. Contact the Houston immigration bail bondsmen at Freedom Federal Bonding Agency today. Hablamos Espanol.

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