The Immigration Hold Process: What Is It?

ice hold freedom federal bonding agencyWe know what happens at an immigration hearing. And we know the conditions of an immigration detention center. But what exactly is an immigration hold?

For example, your loved one had committed a crime and is currently in jail. When her sentence is up and you believe she will be set free, you discover that your family member is instead being placed in an immigration hold. What does this mean?

An immigration hold — also known as an ICE hold or an immigration detainer – is when the government notifies whoever is holding the immigrant not to release the person. Instead, the immigrant is transferred into federal custody once the jail term has ended. This can happen after either Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers either do a random check or are notified by the law enforcement agency that’s detaining the person.

There are three reasons why a person is facing an immigration hold after being in jail:

  • The person is either an undocumented immigrant or is suspected of living illegally in the United States.
  • The person had committed a crime that makes him/her deportable from the U.S., even if he/she has a green card
  • Has a prior or pending order of removal on his/her immigration record

What happens next? It depends on why the ICE hold was put in place in the first place. If the person is in the country illegally, the ICE will put a hold to investigate the person’s legal status. If a crime was committed, the immigrant will be placed in an ICE hold until removal hearings are held. If the person has a prior or pending order of removal, the immigrant will be placed in an immigration hold until he/she is deported without the chances for a hearing (unless a request to reopen the case is given).

If your loved one is in ICE hold, you do the opportunity to post an immigration bond for release while awaiting the hearing. Contact a Houston immigration bondsman at Freedom Federal Bonding Agency today and get your loved one free.

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