There is an ICE Hold on Your Loved One. What Does This Mean?

Your sister-in-law was arrested for having drugs in her possession. When you try to find out more about her situation, you are shocked to learn that there is an immigration hold on your loved one. What does this mean? Is there something you can do to help her situation?

First, let’s explain what an ICE hold is. When an immigrant is detained by law enforcement for committing a crime, that person may be placed on an immigration hold. This means that the person’s actions have come to the attention of the Department of Homeland Security. The agency or one of its branches will then notify the facility holding the person not to release the immigration at the end of the jail term. Instead, law enforcement agencies must transfer the immigrant to an immigration detention center.

An immigrant would be facing an immigration hold for the following reasons:

  • The person is or is suspected of being in the country illegally: ICE may place the hold on someone to investigate the situation. If you have a clean record, then you will be released after the investigation. Yet, if ICE’s investigation turns something up, you will be transferred to a detention center and removal proceedings will begin.
  • The immigrant had committed a deportable crime: There are certain crimes that are deemed deportable, such as fraud, murder, spousal abuse, and aggravating driving under the influence.
  • There is a pending or previous order of removal on the immigrant’s record: In this case, you will be sent to a detention center and likely deported without a chance for a hearing, unless you have a lawyer who can quickly request a “motion to reopen” your case.

After you are transferred to federal custody, you will be housed in a detention center as the removal process begins. Unless your detention is mandatory, you will have the opportunity to post an immigration bond while you await your immigration hearing.

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