Five Signs That Prove Your Immigration Bonds Agent is Legit

We see it in the news all the time — another bail bondsman is arrested for illegal activities. Although bail bonds are different from immigration bonds, there is still a high risk of customers taken advantage of. It’s a risky business — you’re giving someone money and in turn, that person is responsible for getting the one you love out of ICE detention. But how do you know if your immigration bonds agent is reputable?

This is an important question and one you should thoroughly research before you select an immigration bonds agency. But we’re here to help! Here are five signs that prove your immigration bonds agent is legitimate:

  • The immigration bonds agent has a licenseAs we’ve mentioned before, a bondsman needs to have a license in order to give out an immigration bond. That’s because these types of bonds come with a huge risk. There is always the possibility the person will jump bail. Make sure to ask your bonds agent if he/she has a license before working with them.
  • The bonds agent doesn’t charge you too little – Normally, an immigration bond will cost a set fee, depending on the person’s flight risk and the amount of the bail. But in order to get your business, immigration bonds agents may try to charge you a cheap price. Beware, this can be a trap. That agent may turn around later and demand fees that you never agreed upon. Make sure your agent is up front will all the charges.
  • You meet the bonds agent face-to-face – If the bondsman calls you and asks you pay over the phone, don’t do it. You need to sign a contract that tells you exactly how much you owe and how you will be paying and for what services.
  • Your bondsman doesn’t solicit you for money – You didn’t even know your loved one was being detained until the immigration bonds agent called you on the phone! You should definitely question this agent. It may be a scam.
  • No hidden fees – Remember, you sign an agreement with the bonds agent where you agree on a set cost. This agreed upon cost should include any fees, such as filing fees. If your agent calls you up demanding more money for hidden fees, you may be working with a scammer.

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