Facing Deportation? Here’s What You Should Do

deportation-freedom-federal-bonding-agencyIt’s probably a thought that crossed your mind, especially if you have a loved one who is currently being detained by the ICE. What happens if your family member is deported from the United States? Is it possible that your loved one can return at a later date? Is there a way to stop the procedure from happening?

First, let’s explain what happens when someone is being deported because of an immigration-related issue. An immigrant is deported for various reasons, including:

  • Has violated the terms of his/her immigration status or is in the country illegally
  • Had his/her conditional permanent resident status terminated
  • Helped smuggle in any illegal immigrants
  • Have been arrested and convicted of a crime
  • Is under suspicion for terrorist activities
  • Committed marriage fraud (marrying a U.S. citizen in order to obtain a green card)

If your loved one is deported because he/she committed a serious crime or is involved in a terrorist activity, then it can be pretty impossible for you to do anything. However, if your loved one is deported because of being in the country illegally, you do have some options to help your loved one.

After your loved one is deported, be aware that there is a waiting period before he/she can attempt a return. This waiting period is depended upon the reason of removal – for instance, if your loved one was in the country for more than a year, he/she may not be permitted to return for 10 years.

But there are some special circumstances where a family member can return to the U.S. What you need is to get is a “waiver of inadmissibility,” which is an official form seeking permission to apply for re-entry into the U.S. But remember, you need to show proof that the person needs to return. For instance, you and your family are going through an economic hardship because your husband was deported. Before you do anything, it’s best to speak with an immigration attorney about this issue.

If your loved one is being detained and is in need of an immigrant bond, we can help. Contact Freedom Federal Bonding Agency now and get your loved one out of detention.

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